Things to consider before getting a tattoo

Tattoos are something that you are either into or you're not, but if you do like them they can be the ultimate fashion and beauty statement.

Tattoos are permanent however (or very expensive and time consuming to get removed) so if you are thinking of getting one there are a few things you need to consider first. Here are a few things to contemplate before getting that ink.



If you are thinking of getting a tattoo that is particularly fashionable or trendy, just take your time to think about it. It might actually be something you will really love forever but trendy tattoos can go out of style as quick as they have some in.

There are a tonne of men and women out there with Pam Anderson inspired barbed wire tattoos, so while you might like them you can't expect originality when you get a faddy tattoo.



Similar to fad tattoos, you need to be careful when you think of the placement of your tattoo. This is especially relevant if you are planning on going into a career where you aren't allowed have any visible ink, like nursing or customer service. Cheryl's finger tattoo started a huge trend in the early 2010's and it is cute, but it's not so easy to hide if you need to.

I myself have a regrettable astrology inspired hip tattoo from my teenage years that I could live without as an adult.



You might not think about this much when planning your next tattoo, but you do need to be careful of the colour you choose. Tattoos are permanent and while there will be some fade with all tattoos, some colours don't have as much longevity as others. Colours like black and blue are tolerated by the skin the best, last well and are easiest to remove whereas non organic colours are generally harder to remove. Vibrant colours like red and yellow tend to fade quite a lot so after years may end up looking more pink and white.

It is also important to consider your skin tone before getting inked as darker skin tones tend to mute more vibrant colours, whereas darker colours (or white) tend to show up better.

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