This high street store we keep forgetting just made you the best dressed office lady

When you're forever in Zara and Topshop and Penneys you get your bits and forget about other high street stores. But this one, aimed at 20-somethings has everything the best-dressed lady needs

Bershka is the little sister of Zara, Massimo Butti and Pull & Bear and Irish twin of Stradivarius. It's aimed at a slightly younger demographic, but that's not to say women in their thirties and beyond can't peruse for the little gems that you'll surely find in there. A couple of days ago, when I was walking past the Merrion Hotel in Dublin, I saw two women in their fifties sauntering down the other side of the street.  One was dressed in a head to toe pink tuxedo and the other in head to two purple. If they didn't look so chic, I would have thought they were going to a fancy dress party. If they were going to a fancy dress party, it was the best-dressed fancy dress party the city had ever seen.

When I saw this suit on Bershka's website, I thought of them, and I added it to my basket immediately.

Double-Breasted Blazer €35.99 / Tailored Trousers with Darts €19.99


And I added the red and green versions, too, because how couldn't I?

bershka best-dressed office lady

Each piece can be worn separately in a million different ways, but worn as a suit, you'll impress everyone at work. You can also go straight out for drinks after, and everyone will think you went home and changed and made a special effort.

Bershka, we've our eye on you.

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