Fashion Fix: Spring Layering. Feel Cosy, Look Chic And Keep Yizzir Kidneys Chill-Free

It's that time of year when your nana is duty bound by the granny guidelines to warn you about March winds, April showers and chilly kidneys. She'll be in her element spouting cryptic advice like 'ne'er cast a clout til May be out'. Now, I'm not entirely sure what a clout is but for the love of God, don't be casting it for a while yet.

I suspect what she is trying to tell us is not to get all excited by that half hour last weekend when the thermometer reached the dizzying heights of 14 degrees, we must contain our bare-legged excitement.

So hold on to your hats (literally) for layering is the way to go. And done correctly, it won't make you look bulky or feel like an Egyptian Mummy.

  • Keep warm and look chic with by layering light jumpers, cardigans and jackets over tees and cool cottons. Adding a belt will¬†streamline the look
  • Under-layers should be well-fitted to show your silhouette
  • Mixing materials gives a modern look and feel free to experiment with layer lengths - try a crop top with a skinny tee underneath
  • Toughen up a summer dress with tights/ leggings and ankle boots until you can wear it with bare legs and sandals. And the good news is that easily done with this summer's black and white trend

Do you like any of our layering picks? Do you have any tips to share to get our wardrobes through to the sunny days? To the comments!

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