This is the perfect non-white Day Two wedding outfit

No matter what you do for your wedding there will be a Day Two - because you'll be two days married!

These days, Day Two is very much A Thing. It's the new 'going away.' God forbid anyone would miss grooving to Maniac 2000 at 2 am at their own wedding!

But Day Two doesn't have to mean an elaborate BBQ that most of the guest stick around for. It can mean an informal debrief in the pub with your family and a few friends. It could even mean just the two of you. Day Two of your wedding is day two of your marriage. That's reason in itself to have a nice outfit. There will be pictures, after all. Oh, you know there will be.

Many brides wear white for the second day of the wedding/marriage. But sometimes a bride can be all whited out, especially when she doesn't usually wear the shade. Not a whole lot of women do wear white on the reg, so wearing it a lot during your wedding season can either be a nice novelty or a bit overwhelming. There are no laws around what you should and should not wear during your wedding days and if there are 'rules' then forget about them. It's your wedding, wear whatever you like.

Now, of course, the perfect Day Two will differ from person to person and occasion to occasion. The dress Meghan changed into after the church ceremony, for example, would be a gorgeous second day dress for someone having a fancy Day Two, and it would look gorgeous in colours other than white.

What I would always suggest, though, is that you go for a one piece. A dress or a jumpsuit, or a romper if you're feeling beachy, are all good options, because all you have to do, then, is choose shoes or accessories. But, the perfect Day Two outfit is the one that makes you feel like you is the one you should wear. Like skirts and tops? Wear a skirt and top. Wear trousers most of the time? You know what to do.

There is no one perfect Day Two outfit, but if you're looking for inspiration, I've put together some looks that might make this busy time of your life a little bit easier.


The Dress

The Skirt

reiss outfit


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