What to do when someone is wearing the same outfit as you

When to go to an event and someone is wearing the same outfit as you, don't panic. It's not the disaster you think it is.

I went to a press event recently, and when I got there, I immediately saw someone in the same dress as me. First thought, f*ck. I shop on the High Street all the time, but I hate wearing the same things as other people. I like to add my own stamp to a piece, especially a dress. How? With accessories and shoes, and hair when I can be bothered. But the dress I wore to this event was a speaks-for-itself type of frock - no accessories required - unfortunately for me, and unfortunately for her.

two women wearing the same outfit

We were both wearing different types of shoes, but the dress is long, so it didn't matter. Both of us had our hair in a curly pony-tail. We're the same dress size and the same height. But, in this instance, we were both pros. So, we both took ten thousand pictures together and laughed about it. Because if you turn up to an event and someone is wearing the same outfit as you, that's pretty much all you can do.

How would you feel if you unintentionally wore the same outfit as someone to an event?

If you shop 'off the rack' for occasionwear, you always run the risk of wearing the same dress as another person at the event. It happens quite rarely, in my experience, but it happens. If the event you're attending is a wedding and you're staying in the venue, bringing a backup dress is a good idea. Although who else worries that someone will be wearing the backup, too? If that happens, take my original advice (or run to the nearest boutique).

If you're in that situation with no way out of it, in between hyperventilating into a paper bag, here are my three tips on what to do when someone is wearing the same outfit as you.


Calm Down

Yes, many people will notice. The nicer ones will feel bad for you (it's a natural reaction). The bastards will laugh. But remember, the Other Woman is likely not wearing the same shoes and bag and hairstyle as you. You're probably different shapes and heights. You're different people, you look different. And you both - obviously - have great taste (defuse the sitch by telling them that). Honestly, it is an awkward but funny situation, and the best thing to do is laugh it off.

Make Like Karlie Kloss

You COULD wear your jacket or someone's pashmina all night, or you could make like Karlie Kloss at the Met Gala and alter your dress there and then. There's always a couple of people who go around with safety pins and scissors. If you're good at it, or someone else is, do a little DIY job on the spot.

Avoid Her At All Costs

It will mean laying off the booze and keeping your glasses on, but the moment after you spot your doppelganger, keep an eye on her to avoid her. If no one sees you together, it never happened, right?


Alternatively, drink all the prosecco. You probably won't care at all after that.

Have you ever worn the same thing to an event as someone else? What did you do?

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