15 beauty blunders of the '90s

Having been a teenager during the '90s, I was armed with a whole lot less information than the teenagers of this generation. Is it any wonder that we were all destined for trend disaster?

We had no internet, no You Tube tutorials, no clue about how to do makeup without having to go and study it as a profession and even then it was seen more as a hobby and not as a career. But these days, there are so many opportunities to self-educate and the best part is that it's free.

And so I have a feeling that the teenagers of this generation won't be looking back at their past photos (sorry, selfies) with quite as much shaking of the head as we do. Just a hunch. Or maybe the velcro eyebrows will strike fear into their hearts in years to come. And maybe that will be a good thing because, let's be honest, how entertaining are the memories (and pictures) that we have?

Let me bring you back to the '90s circa No Doubt, All Saints and the Spice Girls. Let me bring you back to my top 15 '90s beauty blunders.

1: Thin Brows

We all remember thin brows. Plucking them into a fine line, causing so much damage we are still dealing with the consequences.


2: Nail Jewellery

That's right, you do remember correctly that time when you were either piercing your own nail or that of a fake one and wearing a tiny earring dangling from your nail.

Why? WHY?


3: Frosted Eyeshadow

Usually blue or white but always very shimmery.


4:  Frosted Lipstick

Very frosted and usually extremely pale or white. Bonus points for lip liner in a shade that was ten times darker than the lipstick.



5: Overly Gelled Hair 

Hello crunchy curls.


6: Lip Balm 

And it had to be specifically from The Body Shop.


7: Perfume

Either Tommy Girl or CK1.



8: Panstick

Max Factor No.12 no matter what shade your actual skintone was. Who cares about those details?





9: Sun In

We were all guilty of using this and turning out hair neon orange. Not quite the desired effect.



10: Hair Mascara

Blue, pink and neon yellow were my favourites and Christina was my queen.

hair mascara


11: Blue or Clear Mascara

If your mum wouldn't let you wear blue, you could usually get away with the clear because it did virtually nothing.

clear mascara


12: Bindis 

We have Gwen Stafani to thank for this one. However, I'm not sure we all pulled it off quite as well as Ms Stefani.



13: Butterfly Clips

Perhaps we have S Club 7 to thank for this one.


Dear God, not even Sarah Michelle Gellar escaped this one.

sarah michelle gellar


14: Glitter

Way, way, WAY too much of it.


15: Using Tipp-ex as Nail varnish

Although this one could have just been boredom in school.




I have to say I'm guilty of most of these. Actually no, I'm guilty of all of these.

There I said it.


Anyone else going to own up to their '90s beauty blunders?

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