5 beauty trends from the '90s we'd rather forget

Beauty trends comes and go. But some can haunt you forever. Here are five from the 1990s that we'd rather forget.

Beauty trends, like all trends, are cyclical. And let's be honest, it's fun changing up your look now and then. But there are certain fashion fads that should stay well and truly in the past. Anyone who grew up in the '90s will no doubt have memories (and possibly pictorial evidence) of some of these. But it's time to lift the lid on things. Because at some point, we thought we looked animal (yeah, remember that one?).


Gwen Stefani was able to rock a Bindi like no one's business. As the lead singer of No Doubt, we all wanted a little slice of that California girl quirkiness.

Hair Twists

Spiky, pineapple hair with lots of clips wasn't just the favoured hairstyle of Phoebe from Friends. Oh no, we all loved it. The trick, of course, was the make sure as many bits were flying off in different directions as possible. If you had a couple of diamanté hair swirls as well, so much the better!

Skinny Brows


Ah, the ol' skinny brows. It's unfortunately one of the beauty trends that we've all been paying the price for ever since. Thankfully we've learned the error of our ways. But if you're still struggling to achieve fuller brows, you can always fake it with a bit of makeup wizardy.

Dark Brown Lip Liner

I think we can all agree that while brown liner isn't intrinsically evil, it just looks better on eyes than lips. Whether or not you went the whole hog, this was definitely a big trend back in the '90s. T-Boz from TLC always managed to look uber cool when wearing a dark brown lip line, as did Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. So why couldn't we normal folk?



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OK, so this was more of a boy thing than a girl thing. But it was still pretty awful. However in saying that, let's not forget the whole big, hair with a thin fringe combo that we all loved too. Think Topanga meets Kelly Kapowski from Saved by The Bell.

Are there any other '90s beauty trends you regret? Or maybe you don't regret them! Let us know down in the comments.

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