The top three contouring products for pale skin

People often ask me how to contour pale or cool tone skin. As always, it boils down to colour theory. The thing to keep in mind is that for a pale skin tone, the colour choice needs to match your skin tone and also be a cool tone. If you apply a warm tone to a cool tone skin it will just go orange, and if you apply a cool tone contour colour to a warm tone skin, it will look dirty or grey.

Here are my top three product choices for contouring for pale skin types.

  • Bobbi Brown: Wheat eyeshadow €23



  • NYX: Taupe Blush €11






  • Anastasia Beverly Hills: Fawn in the contour powder (bottom middle) €47.80




Has contouring gone horribly wrong on you in the past? Have you ended up with either a really orange, grey or dirty looking face? It's happened to the best of us.

Give these a go at home and let me know how you get on.

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