3 Deliciously Dark Lippies to Vamp it Up this Halloween

A dark lip can completely transform your look, which Georgia May Foote kindly reminded us of on last Saturday Night on Strictly.  So if you're feeling too lazy or maybe too shy to dress up this Halloween, a great and easy way to take part in the festivities (and not breaking the bank or have to go to too much effort) is by sporting a simple dark lip.

Here are my top three products to help you channel your inner vamp.


1: Chanel- Rouge Noir

This is a stunning lip colour, and suits most skin tones. It's quite wearable, so if you have been fighting a battle in your head debating whether or not your brave enough to wear a lip focused look, now is your time to try it! You might love it, and with Christmas knocking on our doors soon after Halloween, it might inspire you to change things up.


2: MAC- Cyber


This one is quite out there for someone who is not used to wearing dark colours at all. If You are a red lip wearer, try this one on for a change this Halloween if your new to lip colour, start a shade or two lighter.


3: NYX -Transylvania

This one is cheap and cheerful, so if your only looking for a one night stand with a dark lip NYX is the one for you - great product and very affordable.

If any of you are brave enough to tweet us some pics of your vampy lips, we would love to see them! Or are there any other dark lipsticks your planning on wearing this Halloween?

If you are a fan of Georgia's style, check out the pics from her recent visit to Maynooth where she may or may not have done the rumba.


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