3 great nude eyeshadow palettes that you may not have heard of

Everyone needs a good eyeshadow palette in their lives, but with so many out there what do you choose, how much to you spend and most of all which one do you go for?

We all know the Urban Decay Collections of Naked Palettes, which I can't fault, but surely there are alternative options?

It certainly can be hard to choose with there being so many out there, that's why I'm here to inform you about the best ones to  choose for your colouring and budget.

  • Nude palette from Fuschia €27.50




Fuschia Makeup's Nude Take 2 Palette is a good place to start for all of you looking to invest in a new nude palette. What I like about it are the warm shades, ranging from pink to brown in seven shades, and it gives a nice variety of shimmers and mattes. Warm shades have a tendency to suit most people so it's always a safe bet when you are unsure.

  • The Balm Nude 'Tude €36

1527186These products are my new favourite. They are fun, great value, highly pigmented, long wearing, and above all else, have fabulous packaging (somewhat similar to Benefit if you ask me). The only problem with this one is there is a lack in lighter matte tones for transition colours or matte day looks.

  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette €47

imgresThis one is high up on my list, and  it might be because of my addiction to chocolate. The palette is infused with cocoa powder and smells delicious. All 16 shades are very wearable and combine a great variety of both matte and shimmer shades; the shades, being warm, make it really wearable for all skin tones. Plus, you get three step-by-step makeup tutorials to get you started.


Are you an Urban Decay kind of person or do you have another favourite nude palette?

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