3 affordable makeup products that absolutely everyone needs to have in their kit

The makeup products that our pro-MUA swears by

Recently we've been talking a lot about useful beauty tools, from the Moxie Eye Catchers to our favourite make-up sponges for a flawless foundation application. Today we're continuing with three useful products that we're sure will find their way into your makeup bag before long!

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Wax pencils

These are something that a lot of make-up artists have in their professional kits because they are so multi functional in their uses. We use them as an "invisible" lip liner. Applying them before the coloured lip liner will create a barrier that lipstick and gloss can't go past. I suppose you could call it an anti-feathering lip pencil.

But whatever you call it, it's brilliant because wandering lipstick isn't a great look. And to be perfectly honest, the older that I get, the more help I need to stop my lipstick from trying to make a break for it and escape the confines of my actual lips.

My favourite is the Lip Line Fixer from The Body Shop (€11).



Makeup remover stick

Wrangling lipstick isn't the only thing we're tackling today, though. Allow me to introduce you to one of my favourite little make-up bag heroes, created to make correcting make-up a complete doddle: Clinique's Take The Day Off Eye Make-up Remover stick (€22).

Fans of Clinique will already know their Take the Day off Balm (a balm cleanser designed to remove make-up quickly, without leaving any residue) and this is basically the same thing, just in a stick form.

With it you can do anything from blending away patchy foundation on the go, to correcting an eyeliner flick that's veering into Amy Winehouse territory.



Waterproof converter


Being able to customise make-up is something I always like especially when it comes to mascara, which is where Make Up Forever's Aqua Seal (€21) comes into play. It is a specialist, liquid sealant that will make any mascara or eyeliner waterproof, so it means you don't have go for the waterproof option because you can make it yourself. Simply apply your eye product as normal and then brush over it with the sealant - voilà, waterproof for the day. Handy, eh?

Have you got any more useful products to add to the list?

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