3 useless beauty products you shouldn't waste your money on

The three useless beauty products that only serve to trick you

Beauty obsessed folks will know that when a new product arrives on the shelves, we fall hook, line and sinker for all the hype around it. We want to believe there is a quick fix in a jar that we can buy for under a tenner to solve our beauty needs. Some products are fantastic and will do exactly what they say they will do. These three useless beauty products are simply a waste of money.

Ladies (and gents), these are three types of beauty product that you just do not need in your life. The industry wants us to think we do, but no, it's just a clever marketing ploy.

  • Cellulite creams

useless beauty products

If only it worked, but the reality is that anti-cellulite creams will do nothing more that hydrate your skin. The fact of the situation is that the only thing that will actually reduce cellulite is diet and exercise.

  • Water sprays 

useless beauty products

Water spray is another useless product. It in no way improves the skin. You might as well make your own with a spray bottle and some tap water as all it gives you is that the refreshing factor. We love these products that really do refresh.  

  • Moisturiser for specific body parts

useless beauty products


Moisturiser designed for feet, heels, hands or and specific body parts are mainly marketing hype as any moisturiser will do the same thing. You do not need a 'foot cream' to hydrate your feet.

What is the most useless beauty product you have ever bought?

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