Quick dry nail spray makes life so much easier

Quick dry nail spray - where have you been all our lives? Adding this one element into our nail polish routine has changed the game. Entirely.

Quick dry nail spray. Four little words that have changed our nail game completely. No more smudges or nail polish mess ups, huzzah!

We love adding a little pop of colour to our look with nail polish here at Beaut. And this season, there are some great new trends we've been playing around with. The only problem is, it can take time for it all that nail artistry to dry. Thankfully we've found a solution - quick dry nail spray.


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The normal rule when you're waiting for nail polish and top coat to dry is 20 minutes or so. But inevitably, as soon as you start the countdown clock... something happens. Whether that's an urgent need to go to the loo or a phone call or an itch appearing out of nowhere. Before you know it, your nails are smudged and wrecked.


The beauty of quick dry nail spray is that it is extremely quick and easy to use. Simply give your nails a good, liberal spray. Wait two to three minutes and voila! Your nails are set and dry.

There are lots of quick-dry nail sprays on the market at the moment, but the one we've been using is by Elegant Touch. It delivers exactly what it promises, but also has nourishing oils in it which help to give added hydration to your hands and cuticles. Plus, it leaves them with a mirror ball shine that looks like you've just come out of the nail salon.

Are we late to the party on this one? Have you used quick dry nail spray before?

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