Li'l help, please: How to remove hair dye stains?


Lorraine, a friend from work, recently got her hair chopped and coloured. The gruaig is lahvely and she's very happy with it, but is less than impressed at the state her blazer was left in. Some of the semi-permanent colour being applied to her head managed to migrate down onto the back of her lovely, mostly cotton blazer, and so far she hasn't been able to get it out.

Now, since my idea of domesticity is reading Living Etc while having beans on burnt toast, I haven't a breeze how she might get rid of the mark. It's starting to do that fuzzy bobbling thing now from being rubbed vigorously in a desperate attempt to remove the stain, which even I know isn't good.


So before it gets rubbed into oblivion and poor Lor tears all her new hair out, I thought I'd ask if any of you ladies have had a similar disaaaaster with hair dye and a favourite item of clothing - and was there a happy ending..?

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