80-year-old 'glam-ma' is our new contouring inspiration

Kim Kardashian can frig off, there's a new beauty queen breaking the internet - and her contour is better than yours. True, that may be because her granddaughter is her own personal makeup artist, but it's mostly because Grandma Livia is a rockstar.

Grandma Livia has become Tea Flego's muse. And an Instagram star in the process.

Turns out, Grandma Livia is the contouring queen - and her style rivals her glam. Look at her rocking those baubles like a boss.


Another day. Another look. And another impressive statement necklace!

Grandma Livia and Tea are the flippin' dream team. We know what we'll be encouraging our granddaughters to do...


Via Cosmopolitan

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