A Beaut.ie Decree: Every Home Should Own A Daycent Pair of Tweezers


Myself and Himself have been overnighting in Portlaoise for the last couple of days, "babysitting" Himself's 16-year-old sister. I'm usually guilty of seriously over-packing for any occasion (overnight with work tomorrow? Best bring a combination of 15 different outfits, 20 pairs of shoes, and a few hats, just in case) so I made a Very Big Effort to pack only a capsule wardrobe and product stash to see me through the period of exile. That was working out well until last night, when I clocked the straggly state of my eyebrows in the little mirror embedded in the passenger side sun visor of the car.

Now, I don't know anyone whose reflection looks good in these mirrors but that didn't stop me from squeaking "Jesus, my eyebrows are dreadful!" to Himself. "And I've no tweezers!" I think I'd forgotten that eyebrow hair can actually grow over the space of a few days while I was packing; sure you know yourself how little things like that can slip your mind.

With a meeting today that I needed to look supremely polished and well-put-together for, I went a-begging for a tweezers from Himself's little sis. This is a girl who knows her GHD from her elbow and whose favourite eyeliner is Benefit Bad Gal, so I reckoned I was in good hands.



She produced a little stumpy battered silver number that looked like it'd fallen out of a Christmas cracker circa 1973, and offered some advice on how best to wield it. "It's not great, but it works ok if you use the short end..."

About a half hour of trying and mostly failing to catch any errant hairs in any end of the blasted thing, I had to give the whole enterprise up as a bad job and hope that a slick of brow gel (I know, I know - how did I remember that but leave the Tweezerman at home?) would be enough to keep the monsters in check.

So now I'm worried that this kind of MADNESS is going on behind closed doors in houses the length and breadth of the country. Please, if you've not yet invested in a pair of good sharp, well-balanced tweezers, for the love of Banoffi make life easy on yourself: get your rear in gear and add some to your kit pronto!

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