A Beaut.ie guide: St Tropez Everyday


St Tropez Everyday is a firm Beaut.ie favourite. Hereafter, for the purposes of this post to be known as the party of the first part or: STE.

In fact STE is my favourite gradual tan.


  • Well, because it's simply the best. Bettah than all the rest.
  • It gives the most natural colour
  • It won't streak
  • It doesn't stink
  • it's very difficult NOT to get a good result. Even for the likes of me. And maybe even Geri Haliwell.

MontyC suggested yesterday that we do a little guide on STE and how best to apply it. So here goes.


Morning: exfoliate yourself to the max with a nice moisturising scrub. Get rid of all that yukky dead old skin. Pay special attention to knees and elbows. Slap on a body lotion so your skin is nice and hydrated and ready for its Everyday experience.

  1. Evening: you're ready to start tanning. Use the right shade for you. So if you're blue white use the light shade. If you're a bit more sallow use the medium - dark.
  2. Apply the tan just like you would a body lotion. It's colourless on the skin. The only way you can tell which bits you've done is by the freshly moisturised sheen on your skin. But don't worry about streaks. Because of the way the tan builds up, even if you've made a monumental mistake on Day 1 the other couple of days application will cancel the boo boo.
  3. Work up from your feet. Make sure you rub it all in as evenly as possible - and watch out for those difficult areas of shins and underarms. Avoid a White Side of Boob situation
  4. Walk around like John Wayne for a while until it dries in.
  5. Repeat the tan application for two more days (skip the body scrub on further days).

Bingo! You're as cooked as a freshly roasted chicken. And just as delicious.

Now this bit is IMPORTANT:

Don't keep applying STE after Day 3. Otherwise you'll get a dirhty looking colour. Take a break. Do your scrub again on Day 4 and make sure to use a normal body moisturiser for a couple more days.

Then off you go again!


And while yer on the self tan odyssey make sure to read our post on fake tan faves .

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