A Gushing Post in Praise of Compeed Blister Plasters

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You might have noticed that I mentioned in the Compeed competition we're running that their blister plasters saved my skin last week. And oh boy, did they. As a habitual heel-wearer, my feet are never pretty, and I'm always picking bits of previously blistered skin off them, and doing other very attractive things such as trimming calluses. I also tend to forget that it's not that easy to stand in high heels for any length of time either, and pressure on toes can be immense, depending on the torture devices shoes I'm wearing.

There's actually no way I'll ever quit the heel habit, so I have started to carry round blister plasters with me. I was using Boots own-brand ones, and they were OK, but only OK. On a trip to Glasgow last week, I packed some Compeed ones I'd been sent, to give them a whirl. A day of tramping the streets of the city, plus several hours of standing in ridiculous shoes at a gig had my feet in ribbons, and I limped off to the ladies mid-set to see what could be done.

Trying to wrangle ones tights down in the confines of a cubicle is no easy feat, but I got there and whacked the plasters on. Spongy and almost invisible once they're in place, they cushioned my poor gams from the worst of the pressure. I pulled my tights back up, put the shoes on and could stand in comfort again. A miracle!


Plus - they stay on. You can shower and they won't budge, meaning your poor blisters actually get a fighting chance of healing properly. So good, in fact, that they're now very definitely on my 'can't live without' list. Get yours at Boots for €6.99.

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