A Little Heads Up on The Balm

The Balm

Pixie asked us a puzzling question on Tuesday. She wanted to know where on earth - or Ireland - she could pick up products by The Balm?

For the uninitiated, it's a fab new range from the States with more than a nod in BeneFit's direction. Vargas Girl-decorated packaging, cutsey card containers and clever names make this kitschy brand a must-have for fans of Too Faced, Urban Decay and the aforementioned Benefit.

Sexy Mama is an anti-shine translucent powder, Hot Mama is a blush/highlighter and there are also fab newsprint patterned lipsticks and shimmering shadows - plus much more. It's all very cute, and prices are generally under €20.


But the kicker - where to buy? The brand is being stocked in pharmacies nationwide, so keep an eye out for it. If you want to know right now where to buy, then phone 045 897769 and ask about stockists near you!

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