A Lush Valentine's Gift

love hearts

Right so, as some poor beleaguered guys pointed out on the spa posts yesterday, what has the world come to if she's not happy with a kiss on the cheek and a cupan tae o'toole in bed of a Valentine's morning? While they have a point, I'd point out that it's also perfectly possible for women to treat the man in their life too, so some of you guys might find you're the ones getting taken off for some essential R&R. Lets hope so, in the interests of beaut.ieful equality and all that.


But if you're not, and you want to get yer missis a little something, then what about a smelly set from Lush? The True Love True Love set is about 30 eurobucks and contains some yummy things like Rock Star Soap 35g, Play Your Card Right Massage Bar 100g, Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment (Heart Shape)100g plus a 10g sample of Gorgeous.

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