A Very Aveda Christmas

Aveda fans will be happy to hear the brand has lots of ready-to-go gift sets for d’holidays. Often thought of as mostly a hair care brand, Aveda has some gorgeous bath and body care products (as well as skincare and make up) and bath/body is the theme of most of its Christmas offerings.

There are 11 sets available, across a good range of prices -  from €20 for the A Gift of Smiles lip glaze duo, to €80 for A Gift of Baths of Beauty set. Each one is pre-wrapped in handmade Lokta paper from Nepal (Aveda has purchased the paper from the Himalayan Bio-Trade papermaking cooperative in Nepal, where 90 per cent of the workers are women, for the past seven years)

The packaging is simple and elegant, and perfectly in keeping with the brand. And we’ve rounded up a few of them to have a peek at what’s on offer.

aveda renewalFirst up, A Gift of Renewal (€79) which is all about soothing and reviving. In the beautifully packaged box, you'll find:

  • Calming Body Cleanser (which has a soothing blend of aloe vera and witch hazel extracts and plant-derived aromas of rose, vanilla and lavender)
  • Replenishing Body Moisturiser (which contains vitamins, natural oils and a blend of plant and flower essences)
  • Travel sized Soothing Aqua Therapy (a bath treat with Dead Sea salt, plant based emollients and an invigorating scent)
  • Travel sized tube of the brand’s iconic Hand Relief hand cream

Aveda Calm


And the Gift of Complete Calm (€58) contains:

  • Shampure Hand and Body Wash (a gentle sulphate free nut-derived cleanser with 25 flower and plant essences)
  • Shampure Body Lotion (which has that same calming aroma as well as moisturising organic olive oil)
  • Travel sized Hand Relief hand cream
Aveda invigorating

A Gift of Pure Invigoration (€49) has the following treats:

  • Zingy Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash (which contains certified organic rosemary and peppermint but is gentle on skin)
  • Rosemary Mint Body Lotion
  • Limited edition version of Hand Relief with the same scent
calm gift

Lastly, Feeling Calm is a Gift (€35) is a great duo for anyone who loves their hand creams. It contains:

  • Limited edition Hand Relief with the Shampure aroma
  • Travel size Hand Relief in the original fragrance

So tell us, are you a fan of Aveda? Are any of these gift sets catching your eye?

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