All belles and whistles: Inchydoney Spa

Belle visited the Inchydoney Spa in Cork last week and had the most fantastic time. She loved "the warm seawater pool, with its relaxing, toning and pummeling jets of water."

"The facilities are great. Warm towels are provided, the changing rooms are lovely, clean and well kept, with large lockers for your things. In the relaxation room you can just put your feet up and catch up on your magazines or watch the sea through the large window."

I liked the sound of this bit in particular: "there are Elemis cleansers, toners and moisturisers on tap, as well as yummy shower gels, shampoos and conditioners."

Belle got herself an SOS facial, which just sounds like the ultimate pampering treat. "I was a wee bit disappointed when i was told there would be no extractions, I'm so used to painful facials! This facial was yummy. I was covered in warm towels from head to foot and the therapist cleansed my feet with warm wet towels. Then my face was cleansed and toned, with a lot of facial massage." The treatment included an arm and head massage too. "It was really relaxing and as someone who really looks for value for money, I could find very little to complain about. Pretty much the only thing was that she didn't put a hairband on me and I could feel my hair getting product on it occasionally. There was also a bit of a sell at the end of it, but I managed to ignore it!"

The massage the next day got a very telling comment - definitely the mark of a good massage! "The massage the next day was even more amazing and basically I'm finding it very hard to remember all the details... I just floated away during it! Lots of oil, lots of time spent on every area, kept nice and warm during it, which is a big thing for me!"


I have been getting great feedback on my skin since the facial and using the products. My mom also got some treatments and i bought her the Elemis Pro Collagen kit as a present!"

Now this sounds like my way to spend a weekend! Thanks Belle!

I was wondering about the 'no hairband' thing too. I remember that aswell about Elemis facials - is that something they always do?

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