America - Land of the free, home of the Maybelline Full'n'Soft

Maybelline Full’n

Remember this? Maybelline's Full'n'Soft mascara was a big favourite of mine, until for some unknown reason they decided to discontinue it over here. Ever since I've tried numerous other mascaras, some good and some bad, but none have come close to Full'n'Soft and its winning combination of inky black pigment, lack of clumps and power to hold a curl all day.


So how happy was I to come across my old friend once again on my recent trip to the US? Very happy indeed! And it's just as good as I remembered. So if you have also been lamenting the disappearance of Full'n'Soft in recent years, look out for it if you happen to be in the US anytime soon, and make sure to stock up...

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