Aphrodite in the sunshine: what really works - Lavera aftersun

Oh I know I'm a hoor for the holidays and stamping my heavy duty carbon footprint all over the planet. But I've decided to be useful and productive on this holiday by testing out loads of sun products. Poor me eh - but someones gotta do it!

First up - Lavera Aftersun Cream. Flippin fantastic. Rich, creamy, cooling, nourishing. Shea butter and sweet almond oil make this organic product an absolute must. I won´t be leaving home without it from now on. It was yesterday evening when I discovered the husband, rooting around in my case for some aftersun had found it and was liberally slathering it on. "Whats this stuff?" he asked "It's really nice. Smells like sweets."

Now, in case you´re underwhelmed by this endorsement let me first explain something. Never before has he, unprompted, volunteered an opinion on any product. I was so shocked I nearly fell off the bed, where I was reclining apres our day poolside.


This is high praise indeed. Lavera Aftersun will now be traveling with us wherever we go from now on.

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