Arse Akimbo: Cheeky Half Naked Men in Fragrance Ads

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Movie

Monday's A-List Fragrance Hunk poll was such a laff that I've spent the rest of the week gathering material on Other Handsome Men in Aftershave ads What Are Not Actors. Y'know, the ones where they get their kit off, and suchlike.

Just who are fragrance makers appealing to, exactly, with these naked/half naked men ads, though? They're romping around bedrooms/boats (above)/the Serengeti in clips that we only discover are about, uh, aftershave?? after the 90th viewing. I say 90th, because it's only then you stop checking out the rear view to take a look at the message.

Are they for women, I wonder? Or are they more aimed at gay men?  Straight men? The dog? I dunno - but a nice peachy arse on the telly of an evening does brighten things up a tad, what?

Some potentially NSFW YouTube vids (depending on the relative morality of your workplace, but arses seem fairly innocent to me -  willies now, they're another matter), after the cut!


Lacoste Pour Homme

Guerlain Homme (boy oh boy, check out that elephant's trunk!)

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