Jon Snow shaves his beard & fans just can't handle it

If it's not a haircut, it's a beard trim, and Jon Snow fans the world over just can't handle it.

Kit Harington, freshly revived from the dead on 'Game of Thrones', is enjoying his time off from shooting the HBO mega-hit by starring in 'Doctor Faustus' in London's West End and while many fans have been clamouring to get to the show to see their favourite bastard, some have been left severely disappointed by what they saw.

Not because the play isn't good. Oh no. They're much more concerned with what's happening with Kit Harington's face.

Fans who waited at the stage door for Harington to leave and get photos/autographs have been sharing pictures of a clean-shaven Kit and the reaction has been a lot.


The only silver lining? Hair grows.


Via Buzzfeed

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