Ask and You Shall Receive #1. Normal Hair Dilemma

Hi guys,

I have a question for you regarding hair products. My question is about shampoo and conditioner, I need someone to recommend a new set to me! My hair is fine but thick, I straighten nearly every day and its layered but the shortest layer is to my chin and the longest touches my shoulder. Anyway, at the moment I usually just use whatever was on special offer in the supermarket and I pick up the Normal hair one. My hair is in good condition but I want to keep it that way. I do use a Kerestase mask thing every so often.

So help me please!!!!! Recommend a shampoo and conditioner!

Thanks in advance

Lucky you! Your hair sounds fab - and of course you want to keep it that way.


Your hair is in good condition, so it's all about keeping the moisture you already have in your hair. The straighteners will suck it all out given half the chance. Make sure you keep up with your deep conditioning treatment once a week and get regular trims in the hairdresser. Stick with your Kerastase deep conditioning masque - it's really good.

redken clear moisture As far as shampoo and conditioner go I think Redken would suit you.

Try Redken Clear Moisture shampoo and conditioner. Or if you feel you'd like a more moisturising range use Redken All Soft instead (I love this!)

For a budget buy, I've been hearing very good reports about the new Sunsilk range. Sunsilk Respect and Balance would be good for your hair type.

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