Ask and you Shall Receive: Stretch Marks

A couple of readers have mailed us recently to ask what to do about the dreaded stretchmarks. Poxy things! I bought a friend of mine some Aloe Vera gel when she was pregnant to ward them off, but she said while it smelled nice, it was completely crap, so we'll discount that I think.

Bio Oil is meant to be great for stretch marks, and for fading scars as well. You often see little ads in magazines for it - it's apparently a miracle product and it was developed based on research using ducks, of all things. Don't worry though, no ducks were harmed! Edit - actually. Maybe ducks were harmed. I can't imagine a duck willingly submitting to an intense examination of its preen gland somehow...

*insert boring science bit*

During preening, a duck secretes oil from its preen gland and distributes it over its entire plumage in the familiar twisted neck action that one associates with ducks. This preen gland oil creates a thin, non-greasy layer on the surface of the feathers without which water would not pearl off and the bird would struggle to swim. Clearly an oil with interesting properties – an oil that protects the feathers from damage, maintains their sheen and suppleness and yet is neither sticky nor greasy!

Upon studying the composition of the preen gland oil, skincare scientists discovered that it was possible to develop a laboratory copy of this unique “dry” oil for use on human skin. And, after a number of years of research and testing, the breakthrough was finally made – PurCellin Oil™ was introduced as a scientific recreation of preen gland oil.


*end boring science bit*

By all accounts it really works! You can buy Bio Oil from chemists and I think it's about €14-15.

Skin Doctors do a product called Stretch Away and in a magazine I happened to read last week, it came top out of 4 remedies for improving the appearance of stretch marks. It's €35 and you'll get it in chemists or online.

Hope this helps!

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