Ask and you Shall Receive: What's a Good Facial Wash? reader Bronagh asked us to source her a good facial wash for her sensitive and very dry skin:

Right now I am looking for a good facial wash. I use Body Shop muslin face cloths and love those but I'm having no success tracking down a decent face wash that doesn't leave me feeling that I've just had a botched face lift. If you have any recommendations, I'd really appreciate it!

Because you have dry and sensitive skin, I think what might suit you best would be an organic product. Lots of times it isn't the ingredients in the product that cause upset to the skin, but the chemical preservatives used in them. So buying a preservative free product would be a good start, as you'd be ensuring that you were using something that was as non irritating as possible. Next, you need something that is soothing and kind to your skin. Try Savage Beauty's Cleansing Serum (€25.99) - it's a Serum Cleanser that removes dirt and makeup and promises to leave skin feeling clean, supple and refreshed. For extra hydration as you need it, they also do a great Hydrating Mist Spray (also at €25.99) which will pump extra moisture into your skin.


If you're still finding that your skin feels tight after washing, then it could be that for your skin at the moment, a wash might not be the best thing for you. A delicate cleansing milk or gel might work for you better and help you prevent that horrible dry, stretched feeling. Lavera do a brilliant range of products and I think their Lavera Faces Cleansing Milk for sensitive and delicate skin would be perfect. Best of all, Lavera products are really well priced - this will only cost you €8.89. If that suited you, you could then buy the suite of products which comprises a cleansing milk, toner, mosituriser and protection cream. That's €41.14, and includes a 10% discount for buying all 4 products together.

And just because you've sensitive skin, don't forget to exfoliate! This sounds perfect for your skintype - Lavera Faces Exfoliant Wash for Dry and Mature Skin. It's also well priced at €8.89.

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