Ask and you shall recieve: where to buy Mavala Double Lash

mavala double lashHelen asked me do I know anywhere in Dublin that stocks Mavala Double Lash.

Thick luxurious eyelashes look so gorgeous, but it's so easy to mistreat your lashes and make them thin and sparse.

Double Lash is a product for eyelashes that has been receiving rave reviews. It's a nutritive product that helps your eyelashes to grow longer and makes them thicker. Use it overnight to thicken and strengthen those frail lashes that all too often we abuse with heavy mascaras and coats of dramatic colour. All of which can lead to your eyelashes falling out and becoming weedy.


It costs an amazing cut price €13 from StrawberryNET - so that's where I recommend you get it. And when you try it out Helen be sure and tell us how you get on!

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