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I have pigmentation on my face and put a strong concealer over it (vichy dermablend) but even if I set it with powder, as soon as I put my foundation over it, it dislodges it & I’m back to square one where I’m trying to cover it with foundation. How do you make sure your concealer stays put but still match it perfectly with your foundation? I know in theory they should always match but in reality there’s probably always a slight difference! 

Hi Newbie2015,

Thanks so much for your question. Now, I would have to see your face to see how severe the pigmentation is but I am going to recommend two options for you.

The first is simple: you are using the right products in the wrong order. Try this sequence:

Apply your foundation as usual

Then, with a latex make up sponge, dab your full coverage concealer over the pigmented skin

Set it all with your powder by pressing the puff or brush into the skin, in a rolling motion, i.e do not brush the puff or brush on the face. Make sure the powder is coloured and not translucent.



If there is still pigment coming through after that, it might be more severe. The only way to hide this with make up is by using a professional alcohol activated paint product in a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone. Sunaura looks scary, but it is very easy to use.

It's basically a product only activated by alcohol - so it will not come off the skin until it's removed by alcohol - we would use it a lot on set in the film and television industry. You activate this product by spraying alcohol IPA on it, with a fluffy brush or blending brush and lightly buff over the pigmented areas in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Use a colour slightly lighter than your own skin tone. It can be sheer or full in coverage depending on how much of the alcohol you spray on it. I would start lightly and build it up. Once that dries, it will not budge until it has been removed with the IPA. You will than apply your derma blend over the top and set it as usual.


Otherwise Cover FX is a great full cover makeup brand for covering pigment and it's slightly less scary! It would be along the lines of Dermablend and Mac Full Coverage. Using the method I gave you above with these products might be slightly better than Dermablend for you.

If any of you have any great tips for covering facial pigmentation, comment below! And if you have any questions you want answered, just comment here.


Ais x


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