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We get asked all the time about Dermalogica products - what to use, and where to buy. To most people, Dermalogica is a bit of a beauty buzzword that equates to excellence. We hear such great things about their products all the time and of course, we want to try them out as a result.

But a word of caution before you do - be aware that Dermalogica is a prescription skincare brand, and what this means is that in order for you to get the best results from their products, you absolutely need to be advised by a trained beautician or a therapist first as to what you actually need. To draw a parallel, you wouldn't prescribe yourself antibiotics, now would you?


In addition, their products are designed to work in sympathy with each other, and using the wrong ones will not work for you. So while it's really tempting to skip the diagnostic phase and go straight to Strawberrynet, don't. Book yourself a facial in a reputable salon such as Sanas or the Buff Day Spa, where I've had two face mapping sessions done myself. You'll be told exactly what's right for you, and at that point you can go off and buy what they recommend at cut prices!

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