Ask & You Shall Receive: Foolproof Cheek Tint Application

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There was a bit of a virtual scolding lurking in my Inbox during the week. Laura had e-mailed to say that she'd gone out and bought Benefit's Posietint on foot of the glowing recommendations from myself and commenters who love the stuff, but is finding it nigh impossible to apply her new tint. "When I put it on my fingers first and then put it on my cheeks, my foundation disappears. When I put it on my cheeks first, it leaves obvious pink marks, no matter how quick I blend it in. Yeah it looks pretty on my lips but it's fairly useless as a blusher."

I feel Laura's pain: there's nothing worse than the having the bubble of anticipation that builds when you're looking forward to using a lovely new product burst as you discover it's not quite as amazing as you'd hoped. And I feel personally responsible, given all the raving that I do about Posietint in particular and cheek tints in general, so before she consigns it to the rubbish heap I have a couple of suggestions:

- if you're rubbing it in with your fingers to blend, don't rub it on too enthusiastically. That could be what's disturbing your foundation; a gentle patting, rolling motion when the pads of your fingers aren't overloaded with product works best;

- try stroking product across a cotton wool ball or cosmetic sponge and allow it to sink in for a minute before applying to cheeks;


- if all else fails, just stick with what you know and swipe a small amount of your chosen cheek tint across the tip of your blusher brush before applying in a gentle swirling motion and layering up for more intense colour if necessary.

Work from the apples of your cheeks, as this is where colour should be concentrated, moving upwards and outwards gently and swiftly.

Really hoping that helps, Laura - otherwise, I'm not sure I can handle the guilt!

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