Ask & You Shall Receive: How Do I Get Rid of My Dark Circles?

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My word, we've had a veritable file of e-mails from you lot recently bemoaning yer dark circles and eye bags and wondering what we'd recommend to get rid of them. Now, this isn't a problem any of us suffer with - thankfully - but we do know it's distressing. We've blogged about dark circles before and they can be caused by lots of things, one of which is blood pooling around the eye-area.

If money's no object, then consider trying La Mer's latest innovation, The Eye Concentrate. With three types of the special Miracle Broth ingredient, it also comes with a silver-tipped application tool which is rich in hematite, a naturally magnetic mineral. The inclusion of hematite actually works to 'attract' the blood that can pool below the eyes, and you then draw it away by the action of application. Over time, La Mer say it will work 'to dramatically dissolve the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. The eye area appears healthy, more vital'.

Well, it'd bleedin' want to, as at about €200, this isn't exactly what I'd call cheap, wha?


Sufferers, stay tuned, as tomorrow I'll be bringing you the low-down on a brand-new (and far cheaper) dark circle removin' cream.

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