Ask & You Shall Receive: How to soothe a dry, itchy scalp?

itchy scalp

A very serious email from a reader who asked not to be named - let's call her Mary - landed in my inbox the other day. Mary (not her real name, obviously) is being made absolutely miserable by a localised spot of dryness on her otherwise perfectly healthy scalp. Out of the blue a couple of weeks ago, she noticed that part of her head felt itchy with clumps of dry, scaly skin; she suspects it was a reaction to a new shampoo.

Whatever the cause, it's been driving her demented ever since.

"The worst bit is I can't leave it alone," she said in her electronic communiqué. "I can't help scratching it. I know it looks so bad and I'm paranoid that lumps of dandruff are getting stuck in my hair and it's probably making it worse. But it's the only bit of relief I can get."


Mary has tried the usual suspects like Head and Shoulders and Neutrogena T/Gel to no avail - which was bloody unfortunate because I was all set to recommend T/Gel - and it sounds like she's nearing the end of her tether.

Have any of you had a similar hair-mare? If you've got a surefire - and, ideally, purse-friendly - way for Mary to sort her scalp, I reckon she'd really appreciate hearing about it.

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