Ask & You Shall Receive: How To Stop Feet Slipping in Heels?

Sexy black patent platform high heels stilettos

Cathy was on to me recently with a timely problem, now that we're well into Autumn. She wanted to know how to keep her feet from slipping in high heels when she's wearing tights, and hoped that I might have some tips or tricks to share that would ease the transition from bare legs back to opaques.

However, since I recently went flying out of a pair of snazzy new studded numbers while wearing a pair of black tights (and carrying a glass of milk and a mug of tea which went flipping everywhere), I suspect I am not really best placed to help Cathy with her query. My usual strategy is just to walk more slowly and more deliberately than usual, which tends to do the job in terms of keeping my shoes on my betighted feet but has the unfortunate side effect of making me look like I really, really need the loo.

I've heard that the likes of Party Feet and Foot Petals and similar products that stick in your shoe underneath where the ball of your foot sits are good for improving grip when wearing tights; you could also try heel grips to do the same job. Other anecdotal solutions include using strips of tit tape across the soles of your tights - or giving both them and the insides of your shoes a blast of hairspray to get rid of the worst of the slippiness.


Well, it's hardly any madder than using it as a make-up fixative...

Have you ladies any wisdom to impart on this important issue?

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