Ask & You Shall Receive: Peter Thomas Roth

peter thomas roth reader Catriona got in touch to OMG about a product she'd discovered. It's by US brand Peter Thomas Roth and it's basically a brush-on mineral sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Great idea, eh? While it's not available here, what I can suggest as an alternative is Eminence's SPF 30 Sun Defense Minerals, which you can buy in spas and salons like Castle Leslie and Anne McDevitt. Not that cheap though - you can expect to pay about €50ish. Of course, it's worth noting that all decent mineral makeup has an SPF due to the fact that it's created from crushed rocks, which provide the all-important physical block on your skin.


Lastly, if you'd really like to try a Peter Thomas Roth product to get a feel for the brand, then head to Strawberrynet, where a Tinted Mineral Moisturizer SPF30 (not a powder, sadly) from the range will set you back €30.

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