Ask & You Shall Receive: taking care of fine, highlighted hair

Sarah has spent a fortune on her highlights - and obviously she wants to keep them looking their best! Her hair is fine and has a tendency to be frizzy and dry. She wants to splash out now and get a really high quality range to take care of her poor tortured locks.

kerastase.jpgSo what does Natasha recommend? Kerastase of course - the Oleo-Relax range will be perfect for Sarah's hair. Use the leave in serum as well to keep hair looking sleek and healthy.

This got myself and Natasha talking about hair products. A lot of people quail at the thought of spending more than a fiver on a bottle of shampoo or conditioner. But if you can spend a fortune or clothes or shoes why on earth would you not splash out on your hair care?

Your hair is with you all the time, it's a reflection of your personality. And we all know how terrible a bad hair day can leave us feeling. Divide the cost of the bottle of shampoo (whatever you decide to go for) with the amount of shampoos you'll get out of it. It will work out as a few cents a time.


So bite the bullet, like Sarah, and make good hair care products one of the things you try this year. I promise you won't go back to cheaper brands!

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