Ask & You Shall Receive - Tinted Moisturiser

laura mercierClaire is wondering if we could recommend her tinted moisturiser to her. She's currently using Benefit's You Rebel at the moment and has also used an Aveda one in the past. She's thinking of investing in a Bobbi Brown one but before she does, wants to know if we have any ideas?

Well, the very second anyone mentions tinted moisturiser to me, one name springs to mind. I have two words for you Claire - Laura Mercier. In comments on posts about moisturisers and foundations Laura Mercier gets name checked time and time again. And readers are a savvy bunch I've found!

So I'd get myself into Brown Thomas and check out her tinted moisturisers - you can get two varieties, an oil free and a regular formulation, which is great because it means all bases are covered. Good auld Laura.

There's a good range of shades, and both come with the all important SPF of 20. You'll get a lovely sheer, lightweight coverage that will be light, yet cover small blemishes and even out your skintone.


I'm not entirely sure as to price, but judging on the US price I think you'll probably pay in the region of €30+.

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