Ask & You Shall Receive: What's a Good Light Moisturiser?

Chanel and H2O+

My post-30 dry skin means I reach for nourishing creams and balms like Darphin's Fibrogene or Liz Earle's Superskin Moisturiser, because that's what it needs, but of course, we're not all made the same.  So what do you do if you're under the big three-oh, prone to excess sebum, or you find that heavier products lead to that awful bug-bear, congestion?

Look for a lighter emulsion or oil-free formulation, is my recommendation. Chanel's excellent Hydramax + line - as used and loved by the non-blogging sister - gets my thumbs up.  There are a couple of heavier creams in pots in the range, but it's the Hydramax Active Moisture Boost Fluid that's the one to go for if you like a light, runnier texture. It smells great and is lovely and light, has an SPF15 and does a good job at what it's designed to - moisturise. Strawberrynet have it for a bit of a whopping €54.50. I have a feeling it's a bit cheaper in Boots or any department store - but I am open to correction.


My oil-free recommendation is H2O+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment. I met brand owner Cindy Melk last week, and she told me that not only was it the first product she developed, but it's the one she's continued to use for nearly 20 years. And boy, does she not look like someone who's been using moisturiser for two decades, never mind someone who's owned a high profile brand for that amount of time.  This is a light, soothing gel that's completely oil-free, but packed full of moisturising bits and bobs from the sea like algaes and seawed.  You can pick it up for about €30 at Clerys, and selected pharmacies nationwide, including Unicare, Charleville; Health Express, Whitewater SC, Newbridge and Scotch Hall SC, Drogheda.

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