Ask & You Shall Receive: Where Can I Get Snazzy Earplugs for my Sleep?


Are you one of those fortunate people who can survive, function - or maybe even thrive - on very little kip? Maybe 6 hours a night is plenty of beauty sleep for you? Well all I can say is I'm very, very jealous: I need 8 hours minimum if I'm to look close to human or keep any sort of civil tongue in my head the following day.

Reader Ali is in much the same boat as myself, judging by the e-mail she popped across to me last week, but she has the added burden of being a light sleeper. The noise of next door's dog breathing a little too heavily in his kennel or the flush of a distant loo is all it takes to disturb her forty winks, so she's resorted to wearing earplugs.

"They're brilliant at keeping the noise out, but like they're kind of minging looking" she says despondantly. "I need them to get a proper night's sleep though... is there such a thing as nice earplugs?"


Ali had put me in mind immediately of one Ms. Holly Golightly, with her tasselled dangly numbers, and while your local Boots probably won't have anything fancier than flame orange foam or squidgy silicone yokes, it looks like there are lots of options available online for the discerning earplug wearer. Check out Etsy for couture earplugs, if you don't mind, in Tiffany blue or natural foam adorned with Holly-esque tassels ($7 each). For anyone who likes their tassels extra extra long, Earplugs by JenGen has you covered; the site also sells earplugs sporting jewels, flowers, pom poms, butterflies, birdies, and pretty much anything else you could possibly think of ($4.99/$5.99).

If that's all a bit tame, maybe you'd fancy wearing your earplugs as jewellery? Have a goo at "Ladybuds" from Victore NYC, which literally are earplugs hanging off your choice of gold or silver earrings ($30). Well, I suppose you'd never lose them...

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