Ask & You Shall Recieve: Cruelty Free Brushes

Origins brushRuth asked, "I was wondering does anyone know whats the story regarding natural bristle brushes and cruelty to animals...i.e. those made from goat hair and sable hair". She wants to know, "what's the story regarding cruelty to animals here? We are always worried about our cosmetics being cruelty free.."

Yep, it's a good question and also it's an easy one to answer. It's a fact that most pro makeup brushes are made from natural hair, like sable - and so, by the way, are artists paintbrushes. I have heard of natural hair brushes being cruelty free but really, I can't see how, unless the little animals consent to having individual hairs plucked from their pelts. Hmm, it's not a scenario I can easily imagine, somehow.


But we don't have to, because Origins make synthetic brushes that are really good. The range starts from €17 and is pretty comprehensive. I've given them a whirl and they're smooth and really soft and not at all scratchy in the way that some synthetic brushes can be. Definitely recommended.

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