Ask & You Shall Recieve: Hair Stress

dermo calm

This query urgently needed our solving powers, because it's a request about stressed hair.

What do to and how to prevent hair loss through stress? Well firstly, stress is a huge cause of hair loss, as this poor person who e-mailed us has found out, and there can be lots of reasons - alopecia is a stress related problem in itself, but in order for our hair to be vital, thick and glossy, one of the things it needs is a good supply of blood to the follicles. Stress can prevent that - hunching, tension and tightness across the shoulders and neck can diminish blood flow to the scalp - not good for the hair. So perhaps in this case, massage could help. At the very least, it would be relaxing and help deal with the core problem, but ideally it would help to unbunch stressed muscles, allowing blood to flow properly.

Products that are good for stressed scalps include Kerastase Dermo Calm, a range designed to help hair suffering from stress and environmental damage. You can buy from salons or HQhair.


And lastly, both myself and Aphrodite are big fans of the gratuitous purchase of shoes and bags. I know I speak for both of us when I say - go out and buy yourself a lovely new purchase, to cheer you up while your hair recovers!

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