Ask & You Shall Recieve: What's a Good Home Wax?


Sian has a hairy question for us. She wants to know what's a good at home waxing solution? Not keen on the idea of presenting her pins at a salon for attention, and not having tried wax since she was about 14, she's stumped.

She had a pretty good idea one of us would know though! Me, I'm lovin' the auld look of this fab at home kit by Wax-cellence, which'll set her back about €38 from those product demons at HQhair. It's pretty and it's got everything you'll need - wax, spatulas, cute mug to melt wax in as well as cleanser and a post wax lotion.


But what do you lot rate? Do you go for Veet, NADS or Nair? Or have you a preference for something else? Enlighten Sian in a comment!

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