Attn Nail Nuts #2: CND Colour and Effects


We don't write much about Creative Nail Design's products - though Lynnie is a fan of their cult Stickey Base Coat - but I did warn yiz yesterday that nails are IN with a capital I and a capital N.  New developments are rolling out like billy-o and CND's new Colour and Effects line is pretty damn interesting.

On the face of it, it's not that thrilling: there are 40 basic creme colour shades and 15 top coats to provide shimmer, pearl and sparkles on top. But I had a demo done in front of MY VERY EYES and oh my, it actually really works. Best layered over dark shades, the effect topcoats really do change the look of a mani, taking it from solid colour to something that's multidimensional, eye-catching and different to what you had on five seconds before.

Ideal for anyone who tires of their polish after a day or so, this stuff can take you from office-appropriate to out-on-the-razz with the quickness and of course the topcoats can be worn solo too.


Each of the colour and effects polishes cost €15 and are widely available nationwide - just give Creative Academy a bell on 01 429 5122 for one near you.

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