Avon Advanced Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil has feck all Argan oil in it. What a swizz

As soon I saw this bottle last week - and I needed to do no more than look WITH MY EYES - I knew it was a pretender.  Yet another example of a brand hopping on a bandwagon - this time to capitalize on the current craze for Moroccan/Argan Oil hair products.

Nothing but silicone I reckoned and quickly tipping up the box I glanced at the ingredients list.  Argan Oil is way way down the ingredient list.  The rest are mostly silicones (a quick way to tell: anything ending in cone, siloxane or conal is usually a silicone).  Now nothing wrong with silicones I hasten to add - I personally love them and my hair drinks them up.  What I do have a problem with is pretending a product is full of magic pure and natural ingredients  when it is really pumped full of cheap chemicals (this is also the case with L'Oreal Extraordinary Oils).

I sent a Twitpic of the deceptive ingredients out and promised myself to write some more about it.




However unknown to me Jane from British Beauty Blogger was also thinking the exact same thing (we are simpatico in many areas so this didn't surprise me at all when I found out).  She got on to our mutual friend Beauty Scientist whose job it is to formulate beauty products.  How much Argan Oil was in the product?  A fraction of 1% he reckoned.

Now so, so much is wrong with this scenario.

For starters Avon are deliberately misleading the consumer with the description of this product because it has so little Argan Oil in it as to be negligable.  Secondly a lot of people buy products containing Argan Oil because they know that a percentage of the profits will be directly returned to the Berber women in Morocco who harvest the oil.  So if people are choosing to buy the product on this basis (and they would be) they're being deliberately misled.

This is not an Argan Oil product.  It is a silicone product with a tiny tiny tiny amount of Argan in the ingredients.


What do you think of this practice?


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