AW09/10: Bourjois Fashion Paradise

bourjois fashion paradise

Fashion Paradise from Bourjois doesn't land on counter until October, so this is a real sneak peek. The eyes have it with this launch, and to get a peep at a close up and to see the products, check after the cut!

bourjois fashion paradise collection

Two new shadows are incoming: Ombre Stretch in Vert Emeraude (green) and Taupe Froid (a brown) will be on offer at €8.99 a pop. The press materials are indicating that they're both used to create the look; so I'm assuming Taupe Froid has some iridescence about it, in order to give that gorgeous purply shimmer. More when I get a look at it!


Eyes will also be treated to one of the brands' Duochrome eye pencils in Brun Morode, €6.49, which they suggest you use right by the lashline.

bourjois lips and nails

Eyes that sparky need pale lips - enter two new Sweet Kiss Lipsticks in Beige Elegant (left) and Distinguished Praline (right), €11.99. Nails will be treated to a duo of shimmering goodies in the form of 1 Seconde Nail Enamel in Bronze (left) and Black Carbon (right). Each are €7.99.

So, what'll you be lining up to buy?

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