Bake, Bake, Bake! Guide to Flawless Under-Eye Makeup

I'm obsessed with baking right now, and I don't mean of the Mary Berry variety. The term "baking" is a You Tube beauty tutorial phenomenon, also endorsed by Kim K to create a flawless under eye make up.

Now from my research to date, baking is a unique hobby. Everyone has a different interpretation of how to get a "good bake" (sorry I can't help myself with the baking puns, too much GBBO!). Do you apply two coats of concealer, how long should you leave your bake to prove etcetera etcetera.

But I have come up with my own version. It may not be technically correct, but it sure does the job and it takes all of five minutes.

Baking apparatus! Baking apparatus!

First the baking tools. I use four things: A fluffy blending brush (mine is from Sephora and I've had it years), a narrow powder blending brush, a thick-ish concealer that's a lighter tone than your skin (for this I used Rimmel Match Perfection in 010 Ivory) and a loose powder (my choice is Chanel Poudre Universalle Libre).

Upside down triangle! Upside down triangle!

Layer this up twice! Layer this up twice!

Start by squeezing a good dollop of concealer onto the back of your hand and using the blending brush, draw an upside down triangle under your eyes. To do this, I draw a line from the inner corner of my eye right out to my temple then down to my cheekbone and back up. The trick is to blend the concealer upwards; start at your cheek bone and fill in the triangle.

I find the Rimmel concealer needs very little blending and aligns to your skin tone very evenly. Let it sit for a few seconds. This acts as your base layer.

Then it's the powder! Then it's the powder!

Then re-apply a second coat. Think of this as icing the cake. Give this layer a little more blending, and leave again for a few seconds. Using the loose powder and powder brush, pat in loose powder to the area and dust off any excess. Now you bake.

Leave this for about two minutes before finishing your foundation on the rest of your face. For the purposes of my baking demo, I've left my face neutral with little foundation so you can see the difference more clearly.

I'm baked! I'm baked!

What you are left with is a more flawless finish under your eyes with a nice highlight. Just be careful not to pack too much loose powder onto your face or else your bake will turn into a cake.


Have you heard of the baking phenomenon? Have you tried it? Would you try it?

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