Bananas Beauty Gadgets #40,000,000: Magic Toilets From Japan

Ok, Ok, calling a jacks a 'beauty gadget' is stretching it a tad, admittedly, but after a routine jaunt round YouTube the other day, I rediscovered the wonder that is Japanese toilets. I started with my usual search, 'cute kittens', and somehow ended up looking at videos of whizzy Asian loos. Yeah, not sure *quite* how that happened either, but I immediately wondered why I've never blogged about them.

Japanese toilets are BRILLIANT.

They open automatically, light up from within, fan/bathe your arse with warm air/water, adjust the heat of the seat at will and some even play music to soothe you while you, eh, you know. Do yer business. Some are fancier than others with wall panels and remotes, but even the meanest dive I was in in the land of the rising sun had a loo that could at least warm your rear to the temperature you prefer for optimum comfort.


The only bad thing about themĀ  is they're frigging ugly, so won't sit too well with your fancy bathroom suite, and the fact they're wired to mains electricity means there's a not insignificant proportion of arse-related fires in Japan each year. Yeow.

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