Batiste XXL Volume: promised much - delivered a big head of rock hard straw


Oh I'd such high hopes for this new version of Batiste Dry Shampoo.  Like a lot of people I love the original versions (we've written many times about our absolute passion for Batiste - for it is a passion).  Transforming limp locks that are quite frankly a few days past their prime (for prime read last blow dry) into a  head of full clean (looking) hair with lots of volume it was a winner.

So naturally when I heard about this new version that delivers even MORE volume and makes hair big n bouncy I rushed to Boots to buy two cans.  Two cans you see, as I was sure I would easily tear through one.

All hopes were dashed.  Cruelly dashed.

This product is UTTER SHITE.

My hair was three days past its last blowdry and I knew Batiste would easily give it three more days.  Spraying on the white powder liberally I let it sink in for a couple of minutes before brushing it out.


I couldn't get the hairbrush through my hair.  I couldn't get my fingers through my hair.  Out came the Tangle Teezer - it took twenty minutes working from the ends up to brush out the powder.

My hair didn't move.  It felt horrible.  Dry dry dry and rock hard.  No movement from the roots and it took AGES to wash out.  Big and bouncy my arse.  Unless concrete like locks are now being considered as big and bouncy?  No, I didn't think so.

Two shampoos and a deep conditioning treatment later the situation has finally improved, but I still shudder at the thought of Batiste XXL.

Give this one a miss folks.  Go for the regular version instead.

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